Hector Stoneheart

NG Male Dwarf Shaman


Hector Stoneheart grew up in a small village in the mountains, surrounded by his immediate family and a number of humans. Part of a large clan, his mother had a falling out with his grandfather resulting in his family moving far away from the family.

In his youth, his village was assaulted by a vicious coalition of giants and orcs, slaughtering every man, woman, and child. He barely escaped into the snow, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Passing out, he awoke in a cave with an elderly Elf watching over him.

This hermit was a follower of The Lost Prince, a Fae Eldest of solitude and melancholy. His family had also been slaughtered by giants and he nursed the young Hector back to health. Many years later the hermit passed away and Hector was again along in his sorrow.

However, the Melancholy Lord heard his prayers and sent him a companion in his grief. The raven who called himself Augustus appeared and began to aid Hector in bridging the gap between him and his deity.

Hector began to travel the lands, healing and counseling the victims of Orc attacks. During a visit to Tranau, he ran into his cousin Stavros. He began to frequently visit Tranau for supplies and to see his cousin, but his sorrow always returned within a few days and he would return back to the mountains he called home.

Hector Stoneheart

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